A Patient’s Perspective

Carter’s Story

My mom and dad tell me that my heart is different.  It’s different than kids my age.  Sometimes I feel different.  I can’t run as fast and as far as other kids.  My body has to work twice as hard as they do.  But I feel like I am the same in other ways.  I go to school like them and I have a lot of friends.  I hear stories and see pictures about when I was a baby I had more problems that the doctors had to fix.  When I was born I was almost going to die because my heart wasn’t working well.  They brought me from a bridge to Primary Children’s Hospital from University Hospital.  My mom couldn’t see me until night.  The doctors helped me get better so I can come home.  I had to have a lot of surgeries I don’t remember most of them.  I don’t go to the hospital for surgeries a lot anymore, just sometimes.  I just got my pacemaker changed and I was scared but they gave me medicine to make me not worry as much.  And they did it really fast.  And they were really good doctors.  I didn’t know the doctor that helped me but I felt safe because I know the doctors want to help me.

The doctor checks my heart and tells my mom about how I’m doing.   I don’t understand everything that they are talking about but I know that they are working hard to keep me safe and strong.  I used to see him a lot but I don’t go a lot anymore because I’m older and stronger and I’m 10 years old.  Just two times a year.  I like to go visit with him.  He asks me how I feel and he teases me about girls.   I know that he wants to help me feel better and be strong.  He makes sure I have good medicine for my heart.

I’m excited for what’s in the future.  We wonder what cool things they will invent for my heart and my pacemaker.  Will there be a pacemaker that is super small?  Or will you just put it by your chest and it will work?  Maybe one day maybe they can charge me at night like a phone battery.  There are so many cool things that have happened already since I have been born and I know it will even be better for me when I’m older.  I know doctors help my heart be better and they want me to be like other kids.  I am ready to experience other things that can help my heart in the future.